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The photos on the right are courtesy of Peter Trounce of Toronto, who migrated to Canada in 1948 from Worthing. When he sent me these photos for the website, he said:

"The thing about cameras at that time is that nothing was automatic. Focussing, exposure, film advance - all manual, and you had to get used to the camera and the film to get a half-decent photo.

Cameras now, though, are way better for the ordinary person. Well, let me say that although I am now ancient, I think that most things are better now for the average person.

I recall that at that time you got your films back from the chemist next day as negatives and made your own sepia prints with printing paper in a wooden frame exposed to the sun and then washed ("fixed") in hypo inside the beach hut. I have several sepias which have survived intact."

Peter Trounce - juniper26@sympatico.ca

Worthing Beach in 1938
Worthing Beach in 1938, seen from the bottom of Grand Avenue
Shoreham Airport
A Hawker Hart coming in to land at Shoreham Airport over the river and railway bridge. Lovely cloud effect !