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Ferring has a History Group which now has its own website.

Please click here to go directly there: Please click here to go directly there (www.ferringhistorygroup.co.uk).

The Group's website provides a lot of information that you'll find useful and fascinating. If you have any queries or want to find out about your ancestry in the village, the History Groups website is the best place to go.

The Group meets four times a year, in the Village Hall, Ferring Street, for presentations and discussions on the history of East and West Sussex, and the rest of the south coast. Members also receive their annual magazine, come on local guided walks, and visits further afield, with them, and get news of other local events via e-mail.

Every December they have a Members’ Social evening, with good food, good entertainment and good company.

Membership is (approximately) £10 a year (£15 for a couple). This covers the four presentation meetings (they have to charge separately for the Social). Or, if you just want to come to the occasional meeting, you can pay £3 at the door.