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This page is devoted to people who wish to trace their family trees, ancestries, etc. It will also provide access to people who merely want to recount their memories of family in the area.

The requests listed below are taken from the old website, but have been brought back by request from a view in Canada. All future requests will be dated when they come in.

If anyone would like any information posted here, or have an enquiry regarding their family history posted here, please contact us by email

CARISBROOKE OR BRAMBLE COTTAGE? A request from Martyn Newell

I have been tracing my Bennett family history which was mainly based around Ferring, with spells in Goring and then Durrington from 1800-1930 and successfully found the missing Canadian element through this website last year. My Great Grandfather James Thomas Bennett (a carter) and his 2nd wife, Ellen Martha Bennett lived at a house called "Carisbrooke", East Ferring Lane, Ferring (which is probably now Sea Lane) from about 1906-1914 when he died (confirmed from birth and death certificates). Ellen emigrated to Canada in 1920 with her 6 children as times were hard and the families in Canada had always believed they originated from Bramble Cottage, 50 Sea Lane, Ferring but this has now been dismissed by birth certificates. I am desperate to find out where the property called "Carisbrooke, East Ferring Lane, Ferring" was. I believe it is vaguely possible that it was what is now Bramble Cottage, 50 Sea Lane, East Ferring. I know from photographs in books called "Ferring past" and " Goring and Ferring past and present" that Bramble cottage was until somewhere about the early 1920's two cottages. Is it possible that the other half was Carisbrooke? The Worthing Blue book directories show Carisbrooke as being occupied by James Bennett from 1907-1914 and then a family called "Bridger " takes over. My guess is that when My Great Grandfather James died, and I know his widow and family had one month to move out after his death in 1914 and presumable Mr Bridger moved in as he was the new carter for Home Farm. I have found no written trace of Bramble cottage at all in any directories around this period. Also if anyone can confirm where East Ferring Lane was and where it was the road which is now Sea Lane around the 1900's I would be most grateful. If anyone has any information no matter how small or what appears to be insignificant as to where Carisbrooke was or if it was part of or even the same house as Bramble Cottage I would be most grateful and please contact me at martynnewell@btinternet.com

Dyer Family (and Henty Family?)

Hi Jennifer, My Great Great Great Grandparents were Charles & Sarah Dyer. They lived at Sea Lane Ferring in the early 1800's. Charles was born at Angmering and Sarah at Goring. They married at Goring in 1798. Charles Dyer'sson, William Dyer, came to Australia in 1829 with James Henty as an indentured servant. Four of William Dyer's letters still exist, written in the main to his mother and father and brother, George, a Wheelwright in Sompting. Is there anyone else researching the Dyers? I have more information and would be pleased to pass it on. My email is george.dyer@bigpond.com Regards George Dyer

Henty Family

I have found several Hentys in my family tree and wondered if they were connected to the Henty Arms in Ferring. Edward Henty 1660 born Cowfold, West Sussex Anthony Henty 1716 " Anthony Henty 1754 " Marther Henty 1775 who married George Peacock I would be grateful of any information you are able to give me. Angela Moss: Email: angelamoss49@hotmail.com

Blake Family

Hello , my Great Great Grandmother briefly lived in Ferring, her first husband William Blake is buried in Ferring. However she had a son Frank Henry Blake who was baptised in Ferring in 1880. In the records it says they are from Agates cottages. I wonder if anybody could tell me whereabout Agates cottages stood or if they are still standing? Many thanks, Sarah Russell: Email: russell.sarah3@sky.com

Burcham Family / Manley Power Family

Hi - I am doing some family history research and find an ancestor of mine Mary Burcham in the 1911 census in service to the Manley Power family in St Marks, Ferring. I am looking for further info on the family or the house – in particular a photo of the house would be useful. Jill Alexander. Email: gill.alexander44@tiscali.co.uk 9/7/2010: Correction to previous request: Hi - Rereading the 1911 census page referring to my great great aunt, Mary Burcham I find that she was actually in service at Ferring Grange, not to the Manley Power Family as I had previously thought. Can anyone supply me with a photograph of Ferring Grange house, property of Edwin Henty. Also information on same – is it still standing? What is/was it used for after it ceased to be a private house. We know from the census return that it had 30+ rooms so it must have been a not inconsiderable building and can not have just vanished into thin air. Jill Alexander

Hope Family

I am not absolutely certain but I think my 2nd cousin, Daphne Ethelwyn HOPE (born Donaldson) lived with her husband, Thomas D HOPE at Owls Nest, Ferringham Lane in the 1970s. Daphne died in 2003, aged 89, reg district Worthing. I don't know when Thomas died, or whether there were any children. I suspect the couple moved to the south coast (from Croydon area, I think) on retirement as many people do. I am wondering whether anyone remembers the couple, perhaps even living memory as Daphne died fairly recently. Thank you Mary Coish, email: marchan@talktalk.net

Grant Family

I realise this is a bit of a long shot, but it's worth a try anyway. In the 1960's and 70's (perhaps for longer) a relative had a store in Ferring :- The Corner Stores, Ferringham Lane, South Ferring. His name was Graham Charles GRANT. He died in Worthing district in 1985. I would be most grateful for any recollections appertaining to this family, more specifically any knowledge of whether there were surviving offspring. Many Thanks, Andy Grant (A.L.Grant@ntlworld.com)

Bennett Family

I am keen to find information relating to my family who lived in Ferring during the 1800's. My grandfather George William Bennett was born in Ferring on 16th October 1892. His father James Bennett was born in Ferring in 1866. As was his father in 1826 and his father in 1801. I would be grateful if you could provide any information about the Bennett family and their lives in Ferring. With kind regards, Paulene Horrocks (paulene.horrocks@btinternet.com)

Pennethorne Family

I am researching into my family tree and Gregory Walter Pennethorne is my GGG Uncle. He was Vicar of Ferring on the 1871 Census and just wanted to know if ANYONE has ANY information on him. We know he was married to a lady called Katherine A ? and that they had a Son called Henry, who was around 3 years old in 1871. ANY info would be of great help. Many Thanks, Steph Hobbs (Bath): hobbs_steph@yahoo.co.uk

Stammer Family

Hello ... my father's family were of the parish of Kingston but buried in the churchyard of Ferring....according to their wills in 1546...does the church and the surrounding churchyard still exist?...they also gave to the "belles of Ferrying ij busshelles of barly" Thanks for any help you can offer...would love to see the church as it is today...are there any photos? Best regards, , Cathy Stammer: newamcat@aol.com

Cox Family

Could you please advise if there was a large house in the area, as the Aunt was housekeeper to Mrs Young. Where was this house and how big was it. The Aunt was subsequently buried/or a memorial erected in East Preston churchyard. I wonder if there is someone who would be kind enough to locate the memorial and send a photograph. I would of course reimburse them for any costs. The memorial reads In loving memory of our sister Emily Florence Cox who died 1st March 1965, aged 55 years. I hope that you will be able to furnish me with some information as I am compiling the family tree of the Cox Family. Thank you in anticipation, Lesley Handscombe: lesley.handscombe@btopenworld.com

Anscomb Family

Lesley Handscombe: lesley.handscombe@btopenworld.com Anscomb Family I was very exited to find the following on your website: The oldest tombstone outside the church is that of William Anscomb, dated 1718 with a skull and crossbones device. It is a few yards back from the right-hand side of the path as one enters the churchyard through the lychgate. What is the significance of ‘skull and crossbones device’? Who should I contact to learn about William Anscomb? Is there someone in your village who would be willing to send me a digital photo of that particular gravestone? Two of my ancestors left West Sussex in 1835 as participants of the Petworth Emigration Project, arriving in Canada in 1835. Their names were Benjamin and William Anscomb. I can only assume that brothers Benjamin and William are descendants of your William Anscomb. In advance, thank you for sending any information you may have. Regards, Sharon Anscomb anscomb@eastlink.ca 10/5/2008: I have found further research material confirming my belief that the William Anscomb buried in your church is indeed part of my ancestry. Perhaps the following will be of some importance to the people in your village. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has knowledge of William Anscomb. James Viney, Born 1781, christened 11 March 1781 Yapton, West Sussex, died September 1856 Climping West Sussex. Occupation: Husbandman. James Viney of Ferring served one month in the Petworth house of correction in 1807 for theft of 5 hens eggs worth 2p, belonging to George Henty. Son of Thomas Viney: christened 6 January 1742 Yapton, West Sussex, England, And Catherine Ball: christened 16 August 1749 Barnham, West Sussex, England. Married 17 October 1804 East Preston, West Sussex, England to Elizabeth Leggat, Born 1875 East Preston, West Sussex, England, died November 1844 The first two of James and Elizabeth’s 16 children were born in Ferring Village in 1805 and 1807. The 3rd child was born in East Preston. The remaining 13 children were born in Climping. The relevant child in my ancestry search is the 6th Child of James Viney and Elizabeth Leggat

The Ferring Family ... from Ferring?

My great-grandfather was named William Ferring. He was born in Germany in 1833 and died in Kentucky in 1884. He married my great-grandmother, Catherine Mescher Hopster, a young widow, at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Newport, Kentucky in 1863. The census reports say only that William was born in Prussia. Interestingly, he is sometimes listed as Bernard Henry Ferring. Many people in our area came from northwestern Germany. I would very much appreciate any information that anyone may have that would connect my Ferring family with the Ferring Village. Also if any reader would have information which may help me find the birthplace of my great-grandfather I would be very grateful. Thank you very much. smluann@zoomtown.com

Mitchell Family

Hi, I am tracing my family tree and have links to Ferring. My great grandfather Levi MITCHELL was born in Ferring 12 Jan 1841. His father Stephen MITCHELL was born in Ferring in 1805 and was an agricultural labourer. His wife Jane DREWITT (my great great grandmother) was born in Ferring in 1801 and they were married in Ferring on 7 March 1827. I am trying to trace details of Stephen's father and mother. They were James MITCHELL and Sarah (?). I would appreciate any information about James and Sarah or any other links that may prove helpful. I am hoping to make my first visit to Ferring in 2008. Thank you for reading this. Derek Mitchell, Christchurch, NZ. derek.mitchell@xtra.co.nz

Cumper and Cunningham

Hi my name Is Ken Hardman and I live on Merseyside, I am doing my family tree, I have two distant relations Richard Cumper and Sarah Cunningham who were married at Ferring on the 3rd November 1780 does anyone know anything about them or can give me any information, it would be most appreciated. My email address is kenhardman@blueyonder.co.uk

Duke Family

My father Kenneth Victor Duke was born on 3rd fed 1941 and lived in ferring with his twin brother Keith older brother Alec & sister Margaret.his mother was Agnes & father Henry. I am doing my family tree and would like some info on my dads aunts and uncle who were born after 1901 as that is as far as the census go at the moment. My dad & grandmother moved up to Gloucester in 1968 but most of the family stayed around the area. If anyone knew the family could they e-mail at Kath_martin@blueyonder.co.uk

Ard Hinchcliff

I am trying to trace my family tree. My father was born in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada and on his birth certificate it said his father was Ard Hinchliff born in England, no details of where, although I believe in was Yorkshire. I only saw him once when I was in my early 20's, in the early 60's, he appeared quite old, he was living in Ferring in a bungalow near the railway with his wife Sophia, unfortunately they didn't want to maintain contact. Any information would be much appreciated, even the date he died as I could get his death certificate which would hopefully say where he was born and his age. Hope to hear from you for without this information I am unable to proceed further. Barbara barbara.m.jones@btinternet.com

Voysey Family

Dear Jennifer, I am contacting you as I found your website on the internet and I felt that you might be able to help me. A couple of years ago I bought at a garage sale about thirty family photographs, some grand and some not so grand. I was told that they had been found under the floorboards of a house in Worthing. One of the photos, of a house with a couple in the garden, was in a folder which read: Ferring, Sussex. With Mr.& Mrs. C. I. Voysey's Best wishes. Christmas 1914 It seems such a pity that these photographs should be disconnected with the family or even the area to which they belong and I wondered if there are any Voyseys in the area still living who might be glad to receive them. There are several wedding groups and many portraits of Victorian and later, men and women. I live in Cornwall and I expect the lady who sold them to me had previously lived in Worthing. I do not want the cost of the photos but if there is a Voysey member nearby who would like them perhaps they would reimburse me the cost of postage. Martin Hindle. martin@hindle41.go-plus.net

Sawtell, nee Osborne

"Hello, my name is Linda and I was born in Rustington in 1959. My parents lived in the main street of ferring from 1963 to 1968 then emmigrated to australia. My mothers name was Shirley Sawtell (nee Osborne) she passed away in January of 2004 in Marry Potter hospital, Adelaide South Australia. She returned to Ferring on a few occassions to visit relatives and took her last live journey back in 2003 suffering from the traumatic affects of secondary lung cancer. Very ill and barely able to walk she returned to her family here in adelaide and passed away. Her final wish was for her ashes to be returned to England so she could rest near her home town. Her spirit is now free, scattered up on Highdown hill. Her mother and grandmother are buried in Ferring church graveyard. I just thought I would share my memory of her with you as I miss her lots. Linda Willis (nee Sawtell)" goonerau@bigpond.net.au

Trimmer Family

"i am doing a family tree and my grandmother is buried in the churchyard there, named Queennie Trimmer, (she is next to her mother apparantly whose name i believe may be esther lewis or lloyd. It would be wonderful if someone could e-mail me with her correct name and her date of birth and death and possibly her original family surname as no-one seems to know anything about her.) thank-you very much for your time. I am Queennies eldest grandaughter living in adelaide australia. Hope to hear from you. linda" goonerau@bigpond.net.au

Ferring, West Sussex, in 1920
Ferring, West Sussex, in 1920: courtesy of Nick Pallant
Nuways House in Ferring, West Sussex
Nuways House
Worthing Beach in 1938
Worthing Beach in 1938
Ferring in the snow
Ferring in the snow, courtesy of Chris Howlett